I can't get no ... satisfaction ...

Can't get no ...?

“I can’t get no satisfaction!”

I listened to this ‘golden oldie’ by the Rolling Stones today. Seems like our whole society is having problems with this!

A young friend of mine said,“..and truth be known, I feel the same. The more I earn, the more I need to make ends meet. You constantly strive to earn more, to give your family more, taking a vacation at least twice a year, live in a beautiful house with a large garden, ride a nice car, have enough savings in the bank and, if possible share with everyone.”

“Money is playing such a huge role in our society, that it seems like you don’t count any more if you don’t have ‘enough’ money. And even if you do have all the things I just mentioned, then the question remains if all this satisfies you.”

The psychologist, Tim Kasser wrote, “"It's a particular strand of overconsumption, where we purchase things, not to fulfil our basic needs, but when we use stuff to fill some voids about our lives and make social statements about ourselves. Our obsessive relationship with material things is actually jeopardizing our relationships, which have proven over and over to be the biggest determining factor in our happiness once our basic needs are met."

“Beyond a minimum threshold of poverty, money doesn’t buy happiness. Wealth may seem like a solution to your problems, but often it simply replaces the ones it solves. As paychecks increase, lifestyles usually match those increases. This results in the same financial worries and budgeting problems, just with more stuff. A preoccupation with owning things is a poor attempt to fill a vacuum. Occasionally stuff can fill that vacuum. Buying that new computer or fancy car might temporarily shrink the hole. But quickly you adapt to the new upgrades and the hole grows, enslaving you to earn higher and higher paychecks with no way out.”

Finding true satisfaction begins by being thankful for what I have. This brings contentment and rest. I believe true satisfaction comes from developing meaningful relationships. My granddaughter will soon be celebrating her birthday. Instead of buying her some more stuff, we are going to a musical together! Sharing experiences and sharing time together are a great way to experience joy, satisfaction and friendship!

However, ultimate satisfaction comes from a relationship with God. Experiencing God daily is the best!

“For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things. (Psalm 107:9)

Sit down and write a list of all the good things and people God has given you. Learn contentment and enjoy God’s provision!

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