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Compass in The Netherlands & Belgium

Indra Ramdin

Hello, I am Indra Ramdin and I lead the Compass ministry in the Netherlands and Belgium

Compass started in The Netherlands in 2008 as part of the Dutch foundation, Stichting Encour.

We see…


We see people around us looking for happiness in life which cannot always be found. This is often caused by the pressure of financial worries and insecurity; the constant need for more and the need to be seen as successful in work and possessions.

This gives rise to individualism to the cost of happiness and our relationship to God and our fellow men. ).It seems like money and possessions have become an end in themselves and not a means with which to serve God and our neighbour. 


We  believe… 


That Jesus teaches and inspires us to place our trust in God and not money or possessions, but that these form a barrier to joyful life. When we follow what the Bible has to say, this releases us from the pressure to perform, and from insecurity and fear. 
Our wish is to support people from a vibrant relationship with God and to apply His principles to our economic life.


That's why we ... 


Want to discover what the Bible has to day about money - both earning and spending it - then to apply what we have learned and pass on the message of true financial freedom!

For more information, please, contact me;


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