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Use of Compass materials in Romania

Hello, I’m Titus Pastean and I teach Biblical finance in Romania using the Compass materials
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"More than ever, today we need to return to Scripture in order to appropriate us to the truths, values and practices of the Word of God concerning the administration of goods, resources & money.

Problems and personal or family conflicts caused by various material and financial aspects, the economic crisis from which we can barely recover, the complexity of life and the challenge of times when technology will increasingly replace the human workforce requires us as followers of Christ, to provide relevant responses and practical solutions.

In Romania we offer Compass books and materials to those interested in developing biblical thinking in relation to goods and money educational resources and training contexts in this regard.

We also provide you with a Bible study course titled

"Managing finance - God's way" based on Compass materials.


Another way we bring our contribution to promoting the biblical principles of money and asset management is through the production of financial biblical themes, broadcasts through the Radio Voice of the Gospel network.

Of the recent notable events, we mention the meetings for pastors and businessmen from Arad and Timisoara from 9-11 February 2018. These meetings were organized on the occasion of the visit of Andres Panasiuk, the author of the book 'How to make it to the end of the month' and leader of the Compass ministry -Finances God's way.

We are developing new educational resources that we can offer to churches, confessional schools, and all the training environments involved in one way or another in biblical financial education.

For those interested, you can contact us at or call + 40 744 604 094.

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