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Compass in Hungary


Hello, I’m Zsolt Szalai – and I lead Compass in Hungary

Compass started in Hungary in 2014 as part of KEVE Társaság (Association of Christian Leaders and Business People)


We see…


That even genuine followers of Jesus has limited understanding of handling their money and possession in a biblical way and be generous as it was modelled by the Lord. The area of finance is an important link of our everyday life to the world and if we have no or limited understanding of this important teaching of the Bible we can become false witnesses of the Gospel.


We  believe… 


That Jesus teaches and inspires us to be faithful in all area of our life, including our finances, businesses and possessions. When we follow what the Bible has to say on this, this gives us assurance and freedom to be responsible Kingdom citizens in all area of our life. And faithfulness result in more intimate relationship with Jesus.


That's why we ... 


Want to discover what the Bible has to say about money, possessions, businesses and generosity and then to apply what we have learned and pass on the message of true financial freedom to all disciples of Jesus!

Compass Hungary Website

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