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Compass in Hungary

Hello, I’m Zsolt Szalai – leader of Compass in Hungary

The world suggests: God has no role in how I handle my money, and my happiness depends on how much I can achieve the desired standard of living.

Scripture says: As we know and follow the biblical principles of money management, we get closer to Jesus and learn how to be content with all the circumstances.



Our mission  is to enable people - regardless of age, position, or financial ability - to learn, apply, and teach God's principles of economy so that Christ is glorified.

To know and serve freely and to realise that the Great Missionary Command (Mt 28,18-20) is for us to work on all aspects of their lives, including finances. It helps to get acquainted with the Bible's ways and guidelines on money and possessions, and helps Christ's followers to faithfully subjugate God's economic principles in all aspects of their lives.

Do take a look at our web site. See what we are doing and join our activities.

Compass Hungary Website
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