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This book teaches children from ages 8-12 about how to manage money God’s way.

Follow the story of Nathan, Rosie, Luke and Bethany as they try to save enough money to go on a school trip to the mountains. Go with them as they learn to earn, give, save and spend money, and discover some important things about the Bible and God’s ways with money and possessions.
Once they have learned to follow what God wants us to know they will be able to pray and apply these principles.

He wants us to follow His principles and pray for wisdom concerning every area of our lives: money, character, career, marriage, ministry and everything else. Making Jesus relevant in nances is one great step to making Him Lord of our lives.

The book can be used on its own or together with the Teacher’s Guide which includes additional discussion questions, activities, worksheets and a teaching plan for each lesson.

The Secret - for children, ages 8-12.

  • You may be charged a customs fee upon received of the book because it is printed and shipped from the UK.

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