A blessed 2019!

A Blessed 2019

At this time we are wishing everyone a ‘happy new year.’ I would like to with you a blessednew year. The word blessed is not a word we easily use in everyday language. It somehow seems a bit ‘holy’ or somehow just a little too religious …

However, the English word in the Bible ‘blessed’, is a translation from the Greek ‘makarios’ which was in everyday use in the Biblical times and is still used today. I love the word ‘makarios’because it communicates something beautiful.

The ancient Greeks called the island of Cyprus ‘e Makarios’ because the island was so beautiful, green, sunny, fruitful and pleasant to live in. It was the island of the gods and to be ‘makarios’ was to partake in the godly nature. ‘Makarios’conveys the meaning of well-off, fortunate, wholeness, completeness, the finished article. Today, we might use the word ‘holistic.’ The Hebrew equivalent might be ‘shalom.’

Jesus opened his famous sermon on the mount by telling us that ‘blessed are they who …’ and describes 8 ‘be-attitudes’ which are conditions for this type of blessing.

It is a worthwhile exercise to meditate on these 8 attitudes through our financial lens.

1. You’re blessed when you hit rock bottom. Because then you can rely on God to go to work for you.

2. You’re blessed when you mourn for your loss or failure. You will experience the encouragement of the Holy Spirit coming alongside you, helping you to start over.

3. You’re blessed when you are humble and authentic. That is worth way more than fleeting power and material possessions.

4. You’re blessed when you really want to do things right and see justice done. You will feel full instead of empty.

5. You’re blessed when you express kindness. You will receive kindness in return.

6. You’re blessed when you allow God’s presence and goodness to fill your mind, heart and soul. Then you will see God in the outside world.

7. You are blessed if you create peace and live in harmony with others. Then you will understand what it means to be a child of God and experience the Father’s provision.

8. You’re blessed if you are persecuted because of your relationship with God. God knows and sees everything. God will reward you for your faithfulness.

Have a blessed 2019!

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