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"What would you like to hear Jesus say when you meet Him

face-to-face?" Many people answer. "Well done, good and faithful

servant, echoing Jesus praise of the servants who multiplied the

resources entrusted to them.

This book shares what we ought to be doing, in order to hear these

words from Jesus.


Part One gives us a perspective on treasures in heaven, eternal

rewards and how to live in the light of eternity.

Part Two discusses multiplying financial fruit in our lives

Part Three leads us into how to multiply the resources God has

given us to manage

Part Four is about multiplying financial disciples.


Do you want to hear the words. "Well done, good and faithful

servant? Then dig into this inspiring and practical book and

prepare yourself today!

Well Done - A 30-Day Journey into Financial Discipleship

SKU: 9789083228501
  • Peter J. Briscoe

  • You may be charged a customs fee upon received of the book because it is printed and shipped from the UK.

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