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Moneycan be used for great good; to relieve suffering, provide medical treatment, print Bibles or to send missionaries. On the other hand, marriages have failed, countries have gone to war and people have lost their lives through robbery. Most crime is motivated by the demand for money. Pirates on the ocean, the drugs and sex industries, the gambling and gaming industries, all operate so that people can make money.

The world has a lot to say about money and we need to learn  what God’s word says about it.


These 8 sessions set the principles of God’s heavenly kingdom against the principles of the fallen world around us so that young people will be helped to make the correct choices. The assumption is that they are already believers and that their choices will be consistent with their profession of faith and enable them to live a more Christlike life which will demonstrate to others the primacy of their allegiance to him.

Two Masters - Teaching Resource for Teens

SKU: 978-90-829791-1-4
  • The Two Masters Teaching Resource refers to extra material which can be downloaed and copied for the Teens.


    Refer to the product "Two Masters - Extra Resources" in the product list.

  • You may be charged a customs fee upon received of the book because it is printed and shipped from the UK.

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