This series has eight main sessions, but with the option of an additional supplementary session for each one. The main sessions appear in full in the teachers’ book. They are self-contained and can stand alone if the teacher chooses not to use the supplementary sessions. Some of the material is available as a download

from so it can be copies for the students.The downloadable material also contains PowerPoint summaries of the main sessions Material for the supplementary sessions is found only in the downloads, with a brief summary in the teachers’ book. The supplementary material is not standalone

and cannot be used without reference to the corresponding main session.

The structure for each of the main sessions follows the same pattern each time:

  • „ a preliminary breakdown of the session
  • „ preparation gives background material to help the teacher plan their presentation
  • „ an introductory activity directs the attention of the class to the topic for the session
  • „ the main Bible teaching
  • „ discussion of the issue through a brief case study
  • „ a summary of the main teaching, contrasting the viewpoints of man and God
  • „ recommended actions through which the principles can be put into practice.

The supplementary sessions provide revision material for the students and present an opportunity to consider each topic further. The results of those self-study options could form the substance of the extra session when the students meet together again. This material should be surveyed by the teacher in advance and selected material produced for distribution to the students at the end of the main session. Students complete their assignments during the week for presentation at the supplementary session. As students share their findings with the rest of the group, they are guided by the teacher in deepening their understanding of the subject as errors are corrected and insights commended.

The material for the supplementary sessions contains:

  • „ a series of review questions taking students back over the material presented in the main session, but with more application „
  • a practical project providing an opportunity for students to apply some of the principles
  • learned in the session „ additional Bible study
  • „ personal research projects of a Bible character or historical person whose experience may
  • illustrate some of the issues raised by this series
  • „ quotations to remember and reflect upon

„ a final series of questions which summarise and apply what has been learned.

Two Masters - Extra Resource Material

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