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The Woman Who Prospers


Principles to transform your family, finances and life!


This book was inspired by a poem written three thousand years ago by the mother of a king in the Middle East. This poem is in the 31stchapter of the book of Bible called Proverbs. It has been read over the ages by millions of women all over the world and talks about the characteristics of a “virtuous and exemplary woman.” This Proverbs 31 woman who, very much like you, faces the challenges of her times, models for us the principles, values, and practices that can make you successful in your family, your spiritual relationships as well as your financial life.

Applied to the 21st century women, the timeless principles shared by King Lemuel’s mother, will help you to develop whole-life prosperity by focusing on five critical areas of your life: your marriage relationship, developing your personal skills, bringing up your children, being generous and enjoying your intimate relationship with God.


So, find a favourite reading corner, grab a pen and notebook, prepare yourself a cup of tea or coffee and spend some time exploring this journey to Whole-life Prosperity.

The Woman Who Prospers

SKU: 978-90-829791-6-9
  • Chapter 1 

    She Realises The Importance of Having Values and Knowing Yourself. . . . . . 

    Chapter 2 

    She Lives By By Fundamental Values 

    Chapter 3 

    She Has A Genuine Concern For Following Biblical Priorities

    Chapter 4 

    She Understands The Importance Of Her Personal Development

    Chapter 5 

    She Learned To Work With Her Hands

    Chapter 6

    She Learns To Venture Into The Business World.

    Chapter 7

    She Learns To Save, Is An Investor And So Much More

    Chapter 8

    She Prospers Influences And Teaches Her Children

    Chapter 9

    She Is A Blessing To The Needy

    Chapter 10

    She Gives Herself To God

  • You may be charged a customs fee upon received of the book because it is printed and shipped from the UK.

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