The study will explain how managing money is a spiritual discipline and will lead you into discovering Biblical truths about being a good and faithful steward of what God has given us to manage.

Managing money is not just a technical exercise, but a spiritual discipline. There is an active power behind money which Jesus unmasked and called ‘mammon.’ He told his followers in strong terms that, “You cannot serve both God and Mammon.”

We all manage money on a daily basis. Jesus is saying that mammon is a power behind money which wants to lead us away from God’s ways of handling money.

Who or what is mammon?

• How does mammon aff ect our fi nancial decisions?

• How can the infl uence of mammon be overcome?

• How can we use our money in a way that God would want us to?

The Choice - 'You Cannot Serve God and Mammon'

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