Companion Workbook to Navigating Finances - God's Way!

“Where does my money go?”

“How can I make it to the end of the month?”

“How can I reduce stress and anxiety about my money management?”


Finances form an essential part of our daily life and household budgets are under great pressure to

make ends meet.

Following the plan in this Practical Application Workbook will help you bring order in your financial

situation, make ends meet, reserve for unexpected emergencies and save for future goals.

It will help you to:

• Make a spending plan.

• Work your way out of debt.

• Set practical goals to realise your financial future.

• Plan investing and insuring.

• Develop a Biblical lifestyle.

This Workbook will help you to apply the wisdom learned in the Biblical Financial Study - Navigating

Finances God’s Way, and contains the practical financial information referred to in the study modules.

It can be used independently as a stand-alone, practical programme to get your finances in

Practical Application Workbook

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