A five-part interactive small group study that is challenging and enlightening. Watch your group as they embark on their journey looking up Bible passages, discussing points arising and group leader insights.

Leader Note: You don’t have to be a finance specialist to lead this study but we do recommend reading Your Money Counts and the introductory notes at the beginning of each study as these will enable you to gain greater insights into each study.

The study includes films and optional extra time activities for those who wish to go deeper in each study.]


Many people believe that becoming financially free is learning how to create a budget and invest for the

future, but that’s only partially true.

The most important thing related to managing money is the attitude of your heart. What is the heart choice behind the money decisions you make? Do you know and take into account what your Maker has to say?


Money or Maker explores essential Bible teaching on how we manage our fi nances. 

Money or Maker - a 5 part financial study

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