This book (36 pages) by Canadian Compass leaders, Jan Kupecz and Ray Borg, gives some answers to three basic questions. 

1.    Is my relationship with money affect-ing my relationship with Jesus?

2.    Who and what influences my spending decisions?

3.    What does the Bible mean when it says we cannot serve both God and mammon?


This book is not about money. It is a book about discipleship. There are two main themes in the Bible, redemption and stew-ardship. 
Redemption is God reaching out to save us and stewardship is our response. We must choose to live our lives in thankfulness and acknowl-edgement of His grace and mercy. For the Christian, we want to live and grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ, the One who redeemed us.
 The dictionary definition of a disciple is: follower, someone who adheres to the teaching of another, a learner. A disciple of Jesus Christ is much more than that. 

It's Not About The Money!

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