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This parent/teacher’s guide is a companion resource to the children’s study-story Give, Save, Spend.
With our materialistic society partly based on unsecured debt children grow up with the world’s ‘attractions’ ever present. In the age of ‘have it now’ and pay for it later children need now more than ever before to be trained in how to use money. Compass studies are based on what the

Bible has to say about how we handle our money and possessions.

Designed for those 7 and under Give, Save, Spend teaches God’s way of handling money. Children will discover these truths as Alfi e, Amy, Jack and Lebo try to save enough money to buy a puppy.

As they fi nd out how to earn, save, give and spend money they also learn some important

things about God.

The parent/teacher’s guide includes discussion questions, activities, worksheets and teaching help

for each lesson.

Both books are written by Howard and Bev Dayton the founders of Compass - finances God’s way,

a ministry that has taught biblical financial principles to tens of millions. This book has been adapted by our UK team.


Give, Save, Spend - Teacher & Parent Guide

  • You may be charged a customs fee upon received of the book because it is printed and shipped from the UK.

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