Donkey Business is a challenge to Christians in business to discover a new Biblical metaphor for a business – the donkey!

A donkey, in the agricultural economy of ancient Israel, was an animal used for business! It carried your burden and helped you travel to your destination. It was even a measure of wealth.

Jesus used a donkey for a very special enterprise and the Bible uses the donkey to teach us many lessons which are very applicable to business people today.

This study will take you on a journey to discover a new source of assets and how God wants to use these assets to help you and your business fl ourish in a way which will honour Him.

The study will help you answer questions such as:

• How can I apply my Christian faith in my daily business dealings?

• How can I manage business in a way which pleases God?

• What help can I receive as a business manager in a tough environment?

Discover hidden secrets from God’s Word which every business leader should learn!


This book comprises 5 modules, each with six days of Bible study. Each day, ask God to speak through the Bible verses and meditate on their meaning.

Pray about their relevance to your daily business activities. 

How could these timeless principles help me solve the many dilemma’s I face each day?

Write down your answers, make notes in the wide margin and share them with friends!



Donkey Business Bible Study

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