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This book is about discovering God's purpose for your business. Written by Peter Briscoe, with a foreword by Dave Rae, former president of Apple, this book uses a Biblical metaphor of a donkey for your business - that which works for you. You will be inspired to make your business useful in God's Kingdom!

Donkey Business - commerce with a purpose

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  • Within the pages of this book are timeless principles from many

    parts of the Bible that relate to business purpose, leadership and

    operations. You will find yourself being encouraged as a leader but

    also challenged to treasure God’s Word more, as a source of your own

    business wisdom!

    Peter takes us on an intellectual and spiritual journey that is sure

    to challenge and change the way we view business and its effect on

    us and the people our business influences. As you read deeper and

    deeper into the book you will see why I was so thrilled to be under

    the influence of this Godly man!

    J. David Rae

    Former President Apple Canada

    September 2018.