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The Compass Leadership Training should help participants to grow as a responsible leader who can start and develop Compass ministry in his/her area of influence. The Training focuses on the Book of Nehemiah in order to understand, discuss and apply biblical leadership lessons based on Nehemiah’s example.



The Compass Leadership Training is an eight months process with monthly zoom meetings and some application exercises to help participants grow in Biblical leadership. It starts in September and ends in June.  An additional personal meeting on the annual Compass conference in February is planned as appropriate. Each session is focusing on personal encounter and fellowship sharing of participants using God’s Word to form us as leaders of Compass ministry.

Who will lead us during the Leadership Training?


Zsolt Szalai

Having the doctor’s degree in finance, has spent the last three decades in mid and upper management roles in banking, private equity, not-for-profit organisations and Christian churches. Currently he is self-employed as business consultant. 



Compass Europe Board of Directors member

Entrepreneur and investor.



Bert den Hertog
The Netherlands

CEO of Compass Europe

Sent out from his local church as the first stewardship missionary from the Netherlands, and pioneering the financial disciple ministry in his local church. His passion is to recruit, develop and train local financial discipler so they will grow closer into the image of Christ and change society.

Main leader

Peter Haluštok

Full package Compass Leadership Training  includes:

8 fruit-oriented themes

1. The Leader and Prayer

To understand the role and purpose in the life of Christian leader

2. The Leader and Practical Management

To understand the importance of planning and its aspects in the life of a ministry

3. The Leader and the Work

To understand the biblical concept of team work and delegation

4. The Leader and External Opposition

To understand how to deal and cope with external opposition in ministry work

5. The Leader and External Opposition

To understand how to respond to and handle internal opposition in ministry work

6. The Leader and Personal Attacks

To understand the nature and source of personal attacks and the way on can handle it for the benefit of the ministry

7. The Leader and Renewal

To understand the necessity of daily reformation both on personal and community level

8. The Leader and Endurance

To understand the importance of keeping on track one’s personal life and the operation of ministry

Agenda of zoom meetings

Each meeting is expected to take around 90 minutes with the following agenda points:

  1. Prayer

  2. Personal sharing

  3. Reflection on previous meeting topics

  4. Bible study and practical application of the subject topic

  5. Personal undertaking of participants related to the subject topic

  6. Closing prayer

Why do you as a leader need to be attend the Leadership Training?

A leader is someone who needs to be filled to give their love, strength, energy and wisdom to disciples and followers.

A leader is someone who is always on the front line. He must be at the ready and under God's protection, which comes when we are immersed in God's Word.

A leader is the one at whom the arrows of the enemy are aimed. He must understand how to deflect them so that no one gets hit by an accidental arrow.

A leader is someone who prepares the next generation of leaders. He must be trained and continually develop his skills to always reflect the light of Jesus Christ and lead the leaders of the next generation in the right direction.

If you agree with at least two of these four reasons, you will benefit when you attend the Leadership Training.

To register, send an email to Bert den Hertog at

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