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For Church Leaders

In what way has money become a blind spot in church?

How can churches address the topic of money?


Did you know?

  • In many European countries 1 in 6 church families have problematic debt.

  • The top stress factor among many Europeans is the amount of money they have to live on.

  • Research suggest that more than a third of us are anxious about how to pay the bills.

  • Money problems are a major source of divorce

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Sermon Outlines

Rich, Young Ruler

An encounter with Jesus, who exposed a big money problem. Lessons from Luke 18:18-30

Widow & Oil

A process to become free from debt.

Lessons from 2 Kings 4:1-7

 Timothy & Money

For those who are not rich, those who want to be and those who are. Lessons from 1 Timothy6`:6-10; 17-19

The Prodigal Son

How the young son wasted the money he received. Lessons from Luke 15:11-24

Double vision

Two treasures, two perspectives and two masters. Lessons from Matthew 6:19-24

The Go(l)d Standard

About God's ownership of everything, from Haggai 1 & 2

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