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Compass in the UK

Hello, I’m Mark Lloydbottom – the Founder of Your Money Counts in the UK.

The ministry of Your Money Counts is the UK partner of Compass – finances God’s way.

Founded in 2008 under the flag of Crown Financial Ministries,  the ministry was re-branded in 2016 and has been re-launched as “Your Money Counts.”

Our Biblical Focus

Howard Dayton discovered the 2350 verses that relate to what God wants us to know about the handling of our money and possessions.


“Man’s economy” is all too ready to tell us what we can do but what does God’s economy look like?  Very different.


The Bible is incredibly practical and has much to say about saving, debt and living a generous life - all issues that affect our daily lives. Each month we would like to share insights and interesting stories with you.

Do take a look at our web site. Watch our teaching videos and find excellent tools to help you manage your money.

Do please feel free to forward these to those you know who may be interested.

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