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This book describes investing from the perspective of a financial disciple of Jesus. It is not an expert book on investing but describes the journey of a disciple who has surplus funds to invest– God’s way. 


Part 1 describes the mission of a disciple investing money – to live, to love and to last.

Part 2 illustrates investing as a car journey, helping you get ready for the journey. For example, your destination, the driver, required fuel, making decisions, navigating the right direction, and knowing when you have arrived.

Part 3 gives an overview of many different investment vehicles, discussing the risks involved, how to make an impact, and providing a Biblical view of each investment type.


As a Christian investor, you have the opportunity to direct your investments towards companies and initiatives that align with your beliefs and promote positive change in the world, while advancing God’s Kingdom and providing for your needs, present and future. Join us on this journey to invest to live, love, and last!

Invest to Live. Love and Last

16,95 €Prix
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