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Our Projects

Here you can find more information about our ministry projects and decide if you want to support any of them financially.

Money Mentoring Program

Many Christians haven’t been discipled and they miss this so important relational way of growing in maturity. In our distanced and shame-based society, there are people who wouldn’t join a small group study. On top of these, the topic of money is a taboo in churches and this turns out to be the missing piece in our lives. To address these issues Compass Europe is launching a Money Mentors program. We want to equip Christians to know and apply Biblical principles of money management through one-on-one mentoring relationships. We want to develop a certification program to ensure the quality of the service we provide. Certified mentors will then identify and equip teachable Christians who in return should train others. Support us to empower multiplication of financial disciples through the Money Mentors program.


Building Capacity Project

We are tasked with an important mission to equip Christians in Europe to know and apply the Biblical principles of money management. To ensure the continues operation of our mission, we aim to develop sustainable funding models. As a first step we will hire a dedicated team member to work on establishing and nurturing financial partnerships. As a second step, we will provide a capacity-building training program for our national teams.

Support the steady growth of our mission, by investing in our capacity-building project.


Annual Conference

Our annual conference has proven to be a successful tool for strengthen relationships and equip believers on matters of stewardship and financial discipleship. This year, we will focus on building strong local ministries so that they shine and bring financial hope to Europe. However, we recognize that it is unaffordable for many brothers and sisters to attend international events. We aim to raise scholarships for at least 50 participants to make financial discipleship resources accessible to them through the annual conference.

We encourage you to support a brother or sister from a lower-income country to attend the conference and be equipped with God’s resources on financial discipleship.


Opening New Compass Nations


We are asking for financial support to enable us to open new national devisions for our ministry of financial discipleship. Your investment will help to

  1. Open at least four new nations - for example, Serbia, Czech, Turkey and Croatia.

  2. Recruit, train, and mentor local stewardship leaders (discipleship and multiplication approach.)

  3. Offer different types of activities: Teasing with promotional activities, teaching in workshops, transforming (in one-to-one discipling meetings, and coaching) and training (to train them to train others.)

  4. Work out a plan with the local people how to get the work sustainable for the long run to prevent dependency.

Here you can find more information about our ministry projects and decide if you want to support any of them financially.


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