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Internship Program for Digital Outreach and Platform Enhancement

We are thrilled to announce an Internship Program designed to empower students and recent graduates who are passionate about using digital innovation to further God’s Kingdom. This program is not just an opportunity for practical experience but a call to participate in a mission that transforms lives through financial discipleship.

Program Overview

Our Internship Program is structured to cover key areas of digital outreach and platform enhancement. It is set to run for 8 weeks remotely, with a daily commitment of up to 4 hours (upon agreement). Open for participation year-round but we expect that most candidates will be available during the summer months, this initiative aims to assemble a vibrant team of interns, each focusing on vital aspects:

Online Learning Platform Enhancement: This role is crucial for improving our Thinkific platform, ensuring it serves as an effective tool in our discipleship and educational efforts. The intern will refine the user experience, fix any existing issues, and propose innovations to make financial discipleship accessible to all.

Video Content Specialists: Tasked with converting long-format educational videos into engaging, short clips suitable for social media, these interns will help us reach a wider audience with our message. Subtitling and creative editing will make our content accessible and engaging across Europe.

Content Writers and Editors: These interns will curate content from books and existing materials, transforming them into articles and social media posts that resonate with a younger audience. The goal is to connect timeless biblical principles of financial stewardship with the contemporary context of our audience.

Digital Communications Assistant: In collaboration with our Communications Manager, this intern will enhance our internet presence, ensuring our message of financial discipleship is heard widely and effectively across digital platforms.

Work Presentation

Training and Certification

In alignment with our commitment to discipleship, the program will include training and mentoring sessions focused on Biblical financial principles, digital skills, and effective communication. These sessions, led by our experienced team members will equip our interns for their roles and beyond. Each intern will receive a free book by Peter Briscoe and full access for one year to our Online Financial Discipleship Academy.

Upon completion, interns will receive a certificate and endorsements, recognizing their contributions and the skills they’ve developed in service to a greater mission.

Ideal Candidates

  • Passionate about furthering God’s Kingdom through digital innovation.

  • Eager to apply their skills in a meaningful, mission-driven context.

  • Creative and detail-oriented, with a desire to produce quality, impactful content.

  • Proactive and willing to engage with contemporary challenges in Christian ministry.

  • Excellent communicators, able to collaborate effectively within a team setting.

  • Fluent in written and spoken English.

Working Together on Project

Partnering with our Internship Program offers the unique opportunity to invest in the next generation of Christian leaders and ministry administrators. Together, we can extend the reach of our financial discipleship message, making a tangible impact on individuals and communities across Europe. Your support will not only help develop skilled professionals but also contribute to our overarching mission of spreading the gospel through financial stewardship.
Interested candidates should submit a CV and we will conduct interviews with shortlisted candidates .

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