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A biblical approach to finances is hardly ever discussed in churches or sermons. When money is discussed, it is often focused on the cheerful giver, saving in times of scarcity or legal regulations.

Peter Briscoe takes us into a completely different field of biblical financial teaching in his book "Invest – to Live, Love and Last.”


Why should it be a matter of course for every follower of Jesus to be a faithful investor? What are the spiritual challenges that Christians face when investing? What impact beyond returns and costs can Christians achieve as small and large investors?

With his writing, Peter hits the pulse of time, as many Christians are unsure how to manage their assets responsibly. Beyond the standard answers from banks, investment companies and financial advisors, are there perhaps completely different ways and standards that should be observed when investing from a biblical perspective?


Join Peter on an exciting journey of discovery through the investment world. Peter uses the metaphor of a car journey to give even investment novices a clear understanding of all aspects of responsible investing. The book is rounded off with a biblical look at various asset classes of the present day: How do they work? What should be considered with these assets and where are the particular risks? What positive impact can Christian investors achieve with them? And what does the age-old Bible say about these 21st-century forms of investment?


Whether you are an investment novice or an experienced asset manager, this book will change your perspective on investing and realign it with biblical principles. As you read it, I wish you God's wisdom and courage to apply his biblical truths to your life. God bless you on this journey!

INVEST - to Live, Love & Last (E-Book)

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