This study will improve your business and your finances . . .

. . . because you will be learning what God says about operating a business and handling money.
Business God’s Way is for everyone in business leadership—the CEO or manager of a department, small business or large, whether the business is a start up or well established.


“Business God’s Way is packed with practical advice on how to effectively operate a business that’s

pleasing to God. It contains the keys to having a truly fulfilling business career. Apply what you’ll learn in

this book, and fasten your seatbelt as God blesses and shows up in a big way!”


Business - God's way | Group Study Book

SKU: 978-90-829041-7-8


    1 Starting Well  -  Deed and SWOT Analysis

    2 Values - Mission, Vision, and Values

    3 Strategy - Business Goals and Product, Services, Operations, and

    Technology Plans

    4 People -  Leadership and Human Resource Practices

    5 Finances  -  Balance Sheet, P & L Statement, and Financials

    6 Finishing Well  -  Crisis Preparation and Exit Strategy




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