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Time to Act Financially Wise

Learn how to help people with financial issues in troubled times - Bible-based, Holy Spirit led, Christ centered discipleship transformation

2023 Annual Conference

“Don’t copy the behaviours and customs of the world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think” - Romans 12:2

February 9 - 12, 2023
Conference venue: Hotel Amaragua, Torremolinos,
near Malaga, Spain

Why finances

Money is the most controversial topic right now.

Money is of concern to everyone, causing fear and anxiety.

It is at the center of the current crisis.

Bible studies about money are an effective tool for spreading the gospel.

Money is a source of problems in families.


It is a tool for achieving future goals.


Money is the pain of this world, but it is the way to be rich in good deeds.

The relevance of the subject of money cannot be underestimated!

Why you

To help yourself and others manage their finances God's way, it's not enough to know the right principles. Benefits and fruit appear in your life, finances, business, and, of course, ministry when you become a DOer. This is your fruit for Jesus and your unique and God-ordained way, the way of transformation.

And we've gathered people who are willing to share their experience and work with you through your situation. We've also prepared tools to make the journey of financial discipleship more interesting and transformative. Come and walk in the company of financial disciple-makers!

Why now

The world is changing at an incredibly fast pace. The battle between light and darkness is entering into a new stage. The enemy is increasingly using money to enslave not only individuals but entire nations.

None of us would want to be unarmed and alone on the battlefield. Now is the time to arm ourselves with what we need to win - the blood of the Lamb, the Word of God, and powerful testimonies.

So, we invite you to arm yourself. It's time to act financially wise!


Keynote Speakers

Bert den Hertog

Bert, the CEO of Compass Europe will lead the Event and share the life-changing benefits for following Jesus in my finances


Zsolt Szalai

Zsolt, the Chairman of the Board of directors will help to to find the Biblical way to handle finances for you and for the people that God will give you.


Peter Briscoe

Peter, the founder of Compass Europe will give you and people whom you serve the compass and the map for your journey of financial discipleship


Brandon Sieben

Brandon, the Compass’ Global CEO, will show why and how to keep the fire and worship God with our finances

Wouter Droppers-socials.jpg

Wouter Droppers

Wouter, the President of the Europartners  will give the keys to help business people to be transformed by the love of God.


Alexander Matijevic

Alexander will share the principles of financial investments that have the fruits for the Kingdom and eternal focus.

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Radovan Ivanko

Radovan from Compass Slovakia will share the steps to use financial advice to help people transform their lives.

Kurt buelman.png

Kurt Buehlmann

Kurt will help us to prepare and act in the no-money world


Samuel Sant Hilaire

Samuel will help to apply the wisdom from Parables to financial life.