Leaders Retreat 2022 
  June 22 - 25, 2022 



Bert den Hertog

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Alexandre Juvet

the leader of Compass Switzerland

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Moises Contreras

the leader of Compass Spain

the CEO of Compass Europe

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Radovan Ivanko

the leader of Compass Slovakia


Andrey Ptashnikov

the leader of Compass Belarus


Wednesday, June 22

Before 18.00 - Arrival by yourself

18.00 – Dinner

20.00 - Bert den Hertog “The difference between a successful and fruitful ministry”

Thursday, June 23

8.00 – Breakfast

9.00 - Bert den Hertog “What does it mean to be jars of clay as leaders?”

10.00 - Interactive workshop by Moises Contreras “How to develop a SWOT and strategy for your national  FD ministry?”

12.00 - Break and lunch

14.00 - Alexandre Juvet “Signals of exhausting”

15.00 – Break

15.30 - Interactive workshop by Radovan Ivanko “How to spread your message of Financial Discipleship in your country”

18.00 – Dinner

20.00 - Andrei Ptashnikov “Preventing mistakes that empty yourself”


Friday, June 24

8.00 – Breakfast

9.00 - Radovan Ivanko “The practice of caring for yourself”

10.00 - Interactive workshop by Alexandre Juvet “Why and how to build a national ministry team”

12.00 - Break and lunch

14.00 - Bert den Hertog “Trusting deeper the Lord”

15.00 – Break

15.30 - Interactive workshop by Yuri Boldirev “How to fund your national ministry”

18.00 – Dinner

20.00 - Wrapp up, sending out, follow up, closure, evaluation, prayer time with Bert den Hertog


Saturday, June 25

8.00 – Breakfast

After 9.00 - Excursion/Departure by yourself

Let's help each other take the financial ministry to the next level





Kumburgaz Marin Princess Hotel

Kumburgaz, B.Çekmece, Kamiloba Mah, İstanbul Caddesi No:478/1, 34910 Büyükçekmece/İstanbul, Turkey (40 minutes from the Istanbul airport by taxi)


€180 / double room ticket

€360 / single room ticket

This is the invitation only event. If you are not invited by Compass Europe Board or Leadership team members and you want to participate, please, send the request to bert.denhertog@compass1.eu .