Leaders Retreat 2022 
  June 22 - 25, 2022 



Bert den Hertog

the CEO of Compass Europe

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Alexandre Juvet

the leader of Compass Switzerland

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the leader of Compass Spain

Moises Contreras

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Radovan Ivanko

the leader of Compass Slovakia


the leader of Compass Belarus

Andrey Ptashnikov

What do Compass leaders say about the Retreat 2022

It’s good to have fellowship with different people and know that we all have similar struggles and similar goals. It was a good reminder that the real fruits come from the Lord. We should be active but it’s more important to love God and to abide in His love. That’s our main mission.


The retreat was life-changing. At every workshop there was that “AHA-moment” – something that I needed to hear for a long time. And I didn’t know the program before, so I didn’t know what to be prepared for. But I really felt that God touched all topics in my life that were not touched yet. And it’s great to have it before starting the new year of the ministry. Now I have a lot of ideas. It was a perfect timing.


Thanks God for this Leaders retreat. It was really exiting. My big takeaway is relationship and building relations. Thanks God for the new people, new leaders for the ministry.


I’m very thankful for this retreat. It’s a beauty to be together and it’s very encouraging to see how God is working in Europe but also in our hearts. I’m again impressed by the work of the Holly Spirit and the transformation He did during these days. That’s what we a looking for – the transformation for ourselves and to help others to transform. And my main personal takeaway was the word “simple” – to trust the Lord more, to slow down, to focus on Him and to believe that He will bring on the right time the right fruit for His glory.


My main takeaway is  - when I started at Compass Netherlands, I thoughts I had a job. And now I know that I have a mission because God has chosen me to do this work for Him, to work in His vineyard. When I remain in Him, I will bear the fruits! And His love will only grow and grow in me. And that is His work, and I realise it now.


I was inspired to continue my ministry, to learn how to do it wisely and how not to slacken on the path. It was also valuable that my spouse and I could come to the retreat, it was a constructive time for our relationship.

It was a good opportunity for the Russian speaking team to be together and get to know each other better.

The content of the seminars was very valuable and meaningful. The Word came at just the right time and just the right moment!


For me, the retreat was an inspiration, a breath of fresh air.

I was able to see myself with different eyes, and the exchange with new and interesting people gave me moments in which I discovered aspects of myself that I had not seen before or did not want to see. I learned new tools with which I can serve people in financial ministry.


Being at the retreat and in the midst of positive and active people, I had a lot of fun and great emotions. A few months later, a few decisions are vividly remembered, one of them is a balance of work and rest. At the retreat I identified emotional burnout, now I am working on it. In one word I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers and everyone who was with us in this training, we can learn something from everyone.


I was taking advantage of every moment we could be together. It’s joyful!


I am glad for the opportunity to see each other and get to know each other personally.

The retreat focused on clergy burnout and ministry team building. These are very relevant topics for our churches.

We talked about the biblical understanding of self-care. The Apostle Paul also spoke of the need for care in his messages.

There are 2 paradigms of life:

The paradigm of the selfish person (who thinks only of himself) and the paradigm of the tired person (who never thinks of himself). Both are not pleasing to God, although the second paradigm sounds more spiritual.

And the Russian paradigm is still overlaid with asceticism, communist ideas and echoes of paganism. So there is an inefficient way of thinking that leads to burnout, but it is socially accepted and looks spiritual. I am very glad that there was an opportunity to correct this mindset and find balance.

I liked the format of the event and the venue because we could not only learn but also combine this time with relaxation.




Wednesday, June 22

Before 18.00 - Arrival by yourself

18.00 – Dinner

20.00 - Bert den Hertog “The difference between a successful and fruitful ministry”

Thursday, June 23

8.00 – Breakfast

9.00 - Bert den Hertog “What does it mean to be jars of clay as leaders?”

10.00 - Interactive workshop by Moises Contreras “How to develop a SWOT and strategy for your national  FD ministry?”

12.00 - Break and lunch

14.00 - Alexandre Juvet “Signals of exhausting”

15.00 – Break

15.30 - Interactive workshop by Radovan Ivanko “How to spread your message of Financial Discipleship in your country”

18.00 – Dinner

20.00 - Andrei Ptashnikov “Preventing mistakes that empty yourself”


Friday, June 24

8.00 – Breakfast

9.00 - Radovan Ivanko “The practice of caring for yourself”

10.00 - Interactive workshop by Alexandre Juvet “Why and how to build a national ministry team”

12.00 - Break and lunch

14.00 - Bert den Hertog “Trusting deeper the Lord”

15.00 – Break

15.30 - Interactive workshop by Yuri Boldirev “How to fund your national ministry”

18.00 – Dinner

20.00 - Wrapp up, sending out, follow up, closure, evaluation, prayer time with Bert den Hertog


Saturday, June 25

8.00 – Breakfast

After 9.00 - Excursion/Departure by yourself

Let's help each other take the financial ministry to the next level




Leaders Retreat 2023 is planned for June 21-24


Kumburgaz Marin Princess Hotel

Kumburgaz, B.Çekmece, Kamiloba Mah, İstanbul Caddesi No:478/1, 34910 Büyükçekmece/İstanbul, Turkey (40 minutes from the Istanbul airport by taxi)