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An Invitation to Invest in Making Financial Disciples!

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations ..." (Matthew 20:19)

Would you support our ministry projects for 2021 - 2023?

Project 1:

Service Centre development

We are asking for financial support over three years to enable us to develop a Support Centre to service Compass volunteers with personal help and resources.

Your investment will help to:

  1. Build the essential office capacity to build a sustainable network for Europe for the long run.

  2. Train the leaders of Compass national movements to a deeper level of (steward) leadership to increase the effectiveness and scope of their national ministries.

  3. Start building a network of European financial supporters to develop long-term sustainability.

  4. Teach national entities how to build a national, sustainable movement.

For 2021:  Total budget €150,000 

Pledged: €85,000 | Need € 65,000

Project 2:

Opening New Compass Nations

We are asking for financial support over three years to enable us to open new nations for our ministry of financial discipleship.

Your investment will help to:

​1. Open at least four new nations - for example Poland, Bulgaria, Finland and Lithuania.

2. Recruit, train and mentor local stewardship leaders (discipleship and multiplication approach.)

3. Offer different types of activities: Teasing with promotional activities, teaching in workshops, transforming (in one to one discipling meetings, and coaching) and training (to train them to train others.)

4. Work out a plan with the local people how to get the work (also financial) sustainable for the long run to prevent dependency.


For 2021: Total budget € 34,100
Pledged: € 0 | Need € 34,100

Donate by bank transfer to
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Beneficiary:  Compass Europe

IBAN: NL68 TRIO 0338 783 342


TRIODOS BANK NV ,Utrechtseweg 44, 3700 AB Zeist, The Netherlands

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