By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples. (John 15:8)


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English,  French,

German, Spanish & Russian

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English,  French,
German & Russian

English,  French, German,
Spanish & Russian

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Round A & Round B

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Being a Christian Business Leader

4 x Monthly , 90 mins. Interactive Webinars 

(only in English)

Wouter Droppers (the president of Europartners) will share his personal journey from just making money and being successful in business, to being ethical in business and working on significance, to cooperating with God and living from grace in business. 

The participants will discuss the various paradigms in business and share personal stories with each other.

Topics/ Follow-up sessions:

  1. The added value of being a Christian entrepreneur, in times of crisis (March 2)

  2. Building resilient and sustainable companies (April 6)

  3. Move from money driven to purpose driven and well- being (May 4)

  4. Biblical earning models (June 1)


When: March-June 
(every 1st Tuesday 19.00h – 20.30h CET time)

This business track has been developed and offered by Europartners. (

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"Change your world"

Transformational Roundtables on Financial Values

(available in English, German, French, Spanish and Russian)

With the Global Priority Solutions Values program you will discover the core financial values and a methodology to align our lives in an authentic and transformational way. 

“Everything rises and falls on leadership, but leadership rises and falls on character which is based on values.” 

We will discover the 6 following values

⁃ Sowing

⁃ Saving

⁃ Generosity

⁃ Debts

⁃ Responsibility

⁃ Hope

Values are proven ethical principles that are passed from generation to generation for a better life.

These fundamental principles function according to human laws, in the same way all over the world, regardless of race, culture, sex, age and religion.


Next steps:

Transformational roundtables on financial values

Duration: 6 meetings per week for 1 hour.


Materials/Cost: Participants will have to obtain some additional learning materials.

Facilitator(s): Astrid Meyer (coach, trainer and speaker of the John Maxwell Team specializing in GPS Transformational Roundtables) + Members of the John Maxwell Team from Ukraine, Germany, Spain.




(only in English)

5 online zoom meetings will give you the opportunity to: 

  • meet other Christians working in Financial Services sector. 

  • gain better understanding of how to apply Biblical principles at your work 

  • get encouragement by friendship and mutual support. 

Topics/ Follow-up sessions:

  1. My life calling

  2. Dealing with clients

  3. Work and retirement

  4. My practice as Financial Advisor

  5. Generosity

Cost: free (you can give your gift to Compass if you find it helpful)



Facilitator: Radovan Ivanko (in English)

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Duration - 8 months, monthly meetings for 2 hours

(only in English)

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The curriculum is an eight months program with monthly zoom meetings and some exercises to help participants developing their own financial ministry . The program starts in September and ends in May. An additional personal meeting on the annual Compass conference in February is planned as appropriate.

Compass Partners Training is designed to train and certify leaders to realise the vision and carry out the purpose of Compass - to make financial disciples in all nations!



The North! Back to the God standard

The Competitor - mammon

Making the Right Financial Decisions

Becoming Debt Free

How much is enough?

Create Your Financial Future

Whole Life Generosity

Your Eternal Portfolio



in English – Radovan Ivanko 



There is no need to purchase any additional materials. All materials will be available on the learning platform.



Duration – 12 monthly meetings for 2 hours

(available in English)

A time for inspiration from business leaders who have outworked biblical management principles. The Bible is an inspiring and insightful guides to doing business God’s way.


Topics we will cover:

Success even during Covid

Essential business planning

Improving profitability

Developing God - inspired strategies

Core values and mission

Serving clients and customers well

The true purpose of a business calling

Managing your finances – keeping out of or reducing debt

Business excellence

Managing your people and outsource teams

Finishing well

Why retirement is not the real goal


Attend these 12 sessions and be equipped to use these materials to empower and instruct others


Materials – You will receive a copy of Business By The Book and, at the conclusion of the course the course slides


Facilitators: Mark Lloydbottom, FCA, CPEC and Edward Scrase-Hollamby

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In partnership with Generosity Path we would like to offer you First Step online retreat. Generosity Path is the ministry that encourages people live more generous lives.



(available in English, German, French and Russian)

First Steps retreat is a virtual preamble to the Journey of Generosity. It is a six-hour virtual retreat focused on the joy of living generously. It includes stories of generous givers, interactive discussions, reflection opportunities and Bible study that enables participants to process the biblical message of generosity. It is story driven and experiential in nature. We do not provide teaching, nor are we prescriptive, instead each participant has the freedom to experience their unique journey with God around generosity.

We hope that after you attend a First Steps retreat, you will consider hosting a Journey of Generosity in-person retreat.


Materials/Cost: Generosity Path will provide the written material (print or .pdf), and the videos.


Facilitator(s): Facilitators from Generosity Path


Compass Online Small Group Study Navigating finances God’s way teaches individuals God’s perspective of managing money and possessions. It will provide the practical applications of handling finances, and really gets to the heart of the matter.


Duration - 5-12   MEETINGS for 2 hours

(available in English, German, French, Spanish and Russian)


  • Introduction 

  • God's part & Our part

  • Debt

  • Honesty & Counsel

  • Generosity

  • Work

  • Saving & Investing

  • Crisis & Perspective

  •  Eternity


When: February-May


The content and tools of these studies are the same as those in our traditional studies, with the added flexibility of being in an online environment. You may choose to use the Compass eBooks or printed materials, both will work equally well. The cost of materials may vary depending on the language and country.


Facilitator(s): Compass leaders