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Some free resources to help you help others!


The Circle - Developing Your Spending Plan

This free e-book (pdf) explains how to make a spending plan for your financial future. 
It will give compelling reasons why making a budget is wise and practical ways to make an effective plan to manage your money - God's way!

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Leadership in Times of Crisis

This article tells you how to be a leader in times of crisis. On the basis of 6 steps, concrete and sensible tips are given on how to become a better leader.

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The Money Devotional

This book of 40 days devotional pieces, written by Compass UK director Mark Lloydbottom to help you on your journey of financial discipleship, has been made free for this special time.

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How the Church Handled Two Devastating Epidemics

A 12 page booklet showing how God uses two widespread epidemics to build His Church.


Book - "Flourishing in Troubling Times."

This 130 page book can be downloaded free of charge, as a pdf.

This is a  very helpful book, leading you to discover God's purpose for your life in very difficult times.

If you want a hard copy - visit our shop

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How to Survive an Economic Meltdown

This a 92 page book by Dr. Patrick Morley which was written for the last financial crisis in 2010 was graciously offered by Dr. Morley as a free e-book.  Practical spiritual and practical strategies to help you grow during a crisis. Just as relevant to day in 2020 as it was in 2010.

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Five Famines - excerpt

This is a short, 6 page excerpt from the book "The Flow" by Peter Briscoe, explaining 'how to live and workout of God's economy.'  This excerpt explains five famines which the Bible describes - very difficult times and how God used these famines for His purposes. 

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Making it to the End of the Month

Written by Phil Bishop, with Compass UK, this small book is ideal for giving or passing on to those interested in a Christian approach to money and possessions. Phil writes, "Within the pages of this book, you’ll discover financial principles that can put you on the road to financial freedom. Interested? From the outset, let me say that there is no quick-fix. The reason I can be so confident is that the financial principles we’ll explore in this book are based on biblical teachings and are, therefore, timeless and transcendent regardless of changing economic and world situations.

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