Join us in Budapest from September 27-29, 2018
to learn about your journey of
Financial Discipleship & Generosity!


 Compass Central- & Eastern Europe Conference

Budapest, Hungary

September 27-29, 2018 

The theme of this conference is
"The Why, How and What of Teaching Biblical Finance." 
Dr. Andres Panasiuk - the Bible on stewardship
Rochelle Panasiuk - Developing a Women's Stewardship ministry
Bert den Hertog & Anatoliy Musiyenko - How to start a  Compass ministry
Peter Briscoe - Biblical Business Finance
Zsolt Szalai - Panel moderator with Q & A

Compass Eastern Europe Conference

September 27-29, 2018  (Budapest)

Why, what and how teaching biblical finance in church?

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