Facilitating Small Groups in 2015

With the freshness and excitement that a new year brings, we could not think of a better way to begin 2015, than to have our Founder, Howard Dayton share his heart as it relates to Compass.

Studies show us, that as we faithfully apply God’s financial principles in our life, we also draw closer to Christ, our marriages grow stronger and we become more content. Furthermore, we find that our desire and ability to give and serve others, increases.
Well if you’re like me, you find the new year is a terrific time for teaching others about financial discipleship because so many folks want to “turn over a new leaf” and do their finances differently than they have in the past. Why not take this opportunity to serve others as a Facilitator in a Compass Small Group Study in your church, home or business?Compass Small Groups are easy to facilitate and it’s fun to interact with others for 5-9 weeks, depending on the length of the study you choose. All study materials are reasonably priced and the On-Demand Facilitator Training is free.

And for those, that haven’t led one of our small groups in a while, I invite you to reflect on how God’s Word impacted you the first time you earnestly applied God’s financial principles. Would that not be rewarding to share with others? Please consider leading a Compass Small Group this year and serve others, in the manner that you were served.